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destination wedding photographer

Sam & Jake - Mexico Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Mexico and photographing the wedding of two of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. It's not often I get to spend a full week hanging out with a bride and groom, along with their closest family and friends. I was welcomed in as part of the family and a very special bond was formed. Not to mention the weather was beautiful and scenery, gorgeous. I'm excited to photograph their Boise reception soon, but for now, my mind is back on the sandy beach, sipping a drink, and enjoying the ocean breeze.


Mexico Wedding Photographer // Greg Hoskins Photography

Pari & Sam - McCall Idaho Wedding

Pari and Sam live in San Francisco but chose McCall, Idaho as their wedding destination. The welcome dinner was in Ponderosa Park and the wedding took place at the beautiful River Ranch. I love a good McCall wedding. And I have decided that Indian weddings are now my favorite.


McCall Idaho Wedding Photography // Greg Hoskins Photography